Young Living Essential Oils Tips For Dog Fleas

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Here’s a tip about a safer alternative for controlling dog fleas. Instead of using some of the harsher chemical sprays you can use essential oils.

Young Living Clove Essential Oil

In fact there is one natural brand that it’s main active ingredients are peppermint essential oil and clove essential oils.

Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil

Anyway you can make your own safer alternative flea spray by buying the peppermint and clove essential oils and mixing them. The top leading safer brand shows a formula of 0.2% Peppermint and 0.46% Clove Oil .  So if you wanted  to mix 16 ounces of Flea Spray at the most you would use 1 ml of the Peppermint and about 2.3 ml of the Clove.

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