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See for Yourself this has the Potential to Be Really Big.

Savings too big to ignore. Save Up to 90% on Prescription Drug Prices.

One person paying about $936 per month for their mother gets costs reduced to $127 for the exact same meds..

Another paying $36 per month gets it now for $11.50

I have countless stories of other real savings I will be bringing you but the savings are real.

This is a product countless numbers of people could use.

Listen up - with more and more media coverage on the higher costs of prescription drugs, BidForMyMeds is Hands Down the BEST BUSINESS FOR 2014.

Here is another news item video from FOX NEWS - Click Here!

You Can Watch this same Bid For Meds Presentation on Youtube - Click Here!

Now you can capitalize 2 ways with these tremendous savings - besides the obvious savings. In order to spread the news you can earn money by referring others to these tremendous savings. The Lowest Prescription Drug Prices You'll Find Anywhere - Period!

Not only that but would you like to have people asking you about your business instead of you having to ask them if they are interested? Plus with savings like this anyone can have the confidence to succeed. You just let the savings talk for you.

Check this out - the main BidRX company has been around for 6 years. However, this business part only started about 3 weeks ago. It's a forced 5x6 matrix. I'm right first level to guy that I've worked with for years in other companies and he will do a lot of recruiting and because of shown savings people should be very interested.

We're expecting this to be one of the easiest businesses to recruit for because of the low monthly cost, no signup fee and it's easy to show people the savings. It becomes a no brainer.

I personally am not a big fan of prescription drugs to treat everything but there are times they can be life saving. I don’t often send out emails like this, but I feel obligated to do so; kind of like paying it forward to all my friends.

However, I know that millions of people have to take their daily medication and that will never change.

Having said that, I found something that I thought might be of benefit to you or someone you know. I know that for many folks taking prescription meds; unfortunately that cost for them is really high.

For a variety of factors like the following:

  • No insurance;
  • Being under insured;
  • Too high co pay;
  • Too high of deductibles
  • Or the changes everyone will face with the new affordable care act.

Now someone came up with a very legitimate and brilliant idea, to save us big bucks on something millions of people in the US are spending $Billions on every week. You can became a member with the company so you can learn about it, educate yourself and save as well when you become a member.

The name of this company is called Bid For My Meds and is very new but already very effective: Click Here to Enroll

This is like a Priceline for Prescription drugs and can save you a bundle. It is only $7 a month to become a customer to use the private search engine that can save you money (hundreds of $$$'s) on prescriptions by mail or even taking them in to the pharmacy. You can take the test drive on my site to see how much it can save you. If you don’t want to wait for the order by mail you can go locally and get a “price-match guarantee” after you find out your savings. All you need is the name for what you take and the dosage. So far several friends have saved anywhere from $800 a month down to $25 or $30. It depends on what you take and their cost.

If you are interested in referring this service to others please call me, it is also a referral business and that price is only $39.95 a month to earn income. Dr's offices, unions, fraternal organizations any kind of group can save with this. The state of Wisconsin uses this service and they expect savings of about a $ Billion a year. Even just the MOM and POP can save big time! Hope it helps you.

Please take the test drive on my Bids for My Meds site - Click Here! and let me know what questions you have. IT’S A NO BRAINER!!!

Contact me on the form at the bottom of this page and I'll reveal to you all the specific details.

Contact me for details to get Started.

Reasons to Consider Becoming a Bids For My Meds Affiliate:

1. Ground Floor Opportunity with a product company 7 years old (product is proven to work).

2. It's a product that's saves people money instead of being an expense each month.

3. It offers the lowest possible price in an industry over 75% of the population uses and is a $900 Billion a year industry.

4. Extremely low cost - no signup cost and only $39.95 per month.

5. This is not just one of those Pharmacy Discount Cards. Savings up to 90%.

6. Plan is a unilevel plan - although our personal goal is to build 3 legs so we can provide maximum support for those we enroll. Plus as you can see in the comp plan below we get paid more by placing people under others.

7. Here are more details on the compensation plan.

Matching Bonuses

8. As you see above you can receive a 50% matching bonus on everyone you personally enroll. Plus plus a 25% matching bonus on 2nd generation enrollments, 15% on 3rd generation enrollments.

9. As you see in the comp plan above and we already discussed there is an incentive to place people under others who are working.

10. I offer free webhosting to those on my team who would like to use the internet for obtaining prospects, customers, etc. This is in addition to the website provided to you from the company. Plus I have 19 years internet marketing experience to show people how they can benefit from the Internet in building this business.

11. When you join my team you receive for free an invaluable internet marketing course on using the internet social media for finding prospects and affiliates.

12. Plus much more.

Bids for My Meds site - Enroll Here!

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