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Wake up everyday to these wonderful true-to-life fragrances and bring that indescrible feeling home with our long-lasting, hand poured natural candles. It's what you will reach for to start your morning or to create a perfect meal at the end of the day. Enjoy this delicious selection of jewelry candles and put pleasure and satisfaction in your day! - Check out these Happy User reviews!

Note: For More info on each candle plus to order click on the image below:

Apple Cider Candle Apple Cider Wax Tarts Fun on The Beach Candle
Fun on the Beach Wax Tarts Hazelnut Coffee Candle Hazelnut Coffee Wax Tarts
Mocha Candle
Mocha Wax Tarts
Peach Bellini Candle
Peach Bellini Wax Tarts
Apple Harvest Candle
Rose Zinfandel Candle Rose Zinfandel Wax Tarts Spiced Coffee Wax Tart
Sweet Sangria Candle Sweet Sangria Wax Tarts Chocolate Fudge Candle
Chocolate Fudge Wax Tarts
Cotton Candy Candle
Cotton Candy Wax Tarts
Honeydew Melon Candle
Honeydew Melon Wax Tarts
Strawberry Scented Candle
Strawberry Wax Tarts
Vanilla Candle
Vanilla Wax Tarts

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