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Romance and Spa Therapy
The next best thing to spending a day at the spa. Experience the ultimate relaxation and soothing ambiance with Spa Therapy jewelry candles. Feeling stressed? These candles and tarts are a unique way to relax? Bring the spa to your home with our relaxing jewelry candles! Get 100 - 150 hours of pleasure from the candles and 60 hours from the wax beads.- Check out these Happy User reviews!
Choose your ring size or favorite jewelry in every scented product!

Note: For More info on each candle plus to order click on the image below:

Love Potion Candle Love Potion Wax Tarts Midsummer's Romance Candle
Midsummer's Romance Wax Tarts The GentleMan Candle The Gentleman WaxTart
Clean Cotton Candle Clean Cotton Wax Tarts Day at the Spa Candle
Day at the Spa Wax Tarts Lavender Candle Lavender Wax Tarts

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